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Clean Air Defense Systems


Clean Air Defense Systems in South Carolina’s Lowcountry

Want to improve the indoor air quality in your home? Looking for the strongest, most effective indoor air cleaner or purifier? Speak with a certified technician at Lang 72 Degrees. We’ll help you figure out how to combat airborne contaminants and provide installation of Clean Air Defense Systems in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Located in Hilton Head, we’ve got the experience and equipment you need to breathe easy.

Learn how Clean Air Defense System’s line of Air Cleaners can be the best defense against mold spores, bacteria and other allergens in your HVAC system and your home.

How Clean Air Defense System Improves Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet light and purification already have a working relationship, both in nature and indoors. UV radiation from the sun helps sanitizes the outdoor air naturally. UV lights are routinely used by medical professionals and in other fields to eliminate germs from surfaces.

Using a germicidal UV lamp in your HVAC system takes that science and brings it indoors to help improve the quality of your breathable air. Germicidal UV Air Irradiation doesn’t trap pollutants like your filter does. Instead, it kills microorganisms by scrambling their DNA, rendering them unable to survive and reproduce.

In addition to UV light, electronic polarized-media technology creates a magnetic field to trap particles to a replaceable pad for optimum indoor air quality control.

With a Clean Air Defense System, you eliminate the cause rather than treating the symptoms. It’s a complete indoor air cleaning strategy that works to eliminate airborne contaminants and create a healthier environment. Especially if your home lacks proper ventilation, as do most tight-sealed, energy-efficient homes, you will need to compensate for that with a vigilant clean air purification system.

Bioaerosols & Airborne Contaminants that compromise your indoor air:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Dust Mites
  • Viruses
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pet Dander
  • Odors & Deodorizers
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Radon

Smart Airspace Technology

Lang 72 Degrees will install brand name electronic filters with UV bulbs from Clean Air Defense System. 98% of all airborne particles are too small to see; Clean Air Defense Systems help you combat the invisible invaders that can make you sick. By filtering the germs and gases that pollute your air, these systems protect your lungs, which also act as a filter for the particles it receives from the air. Your lungs have a much harder time filtering these common, tiny contaminants, making them often the most harmful.

Here’s how it works: A polarized media air cleaner is installed in your central HVAC system. Particles that enter the duct system are attracted to and ultimately trapped on the charged fibers and carbon pad. A Clean Air Defense System with AirRanger Air Cleaners tackle 97% of unhealthy particles before they reach your lungs, thus preventing the associated risks of infection. The most microscopic particles that might push their way through the cleaner become polarized, so the next time around, they’ll be big enough to catch and eliminate.

With the Clean Air Defense System, you can:

  • Control the dirt and dust that accumulates inside your heating and cooling system that can reduce its efficiency by as much as 30 – 50%.
  • Control the allergens that cause allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks.
  • Control and deactivate organisms such as germs, mold, spores, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Control the noxious odors created by people, pets, smoke, solvents, carpets, and vinyl coverings.
  • Control the toxins created by pressed-wood products and other materials that cause human ailments.

Source: Clean Air Defense System

With so many potential pollutants entering your home and your lungs through your HVAC unit, you need the best defense. For people with respiratory issues, such as allergies and asthma, bioaerosols and other airborne debris only wear down the health of both you and your system. Ask Lang 72 Degrees about the benefits of UV light installation in your home.

Benefits of Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaners

With Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaners in your home, you will see a lasting impact on the quality of your system and your indoor air.

  • Consistent Indoor Air Quality defense
  • Combat mold & mildew
  • Help eliminate allergens and viruses
  • Sanitation of air conditioning coils
  • Maximized system lifespan
  • Lower energy and utility costs
  • Reduced system repair costs
  • Overall improved health of system and indoor air

Additional Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Lang 72 Degrees:

If you’re looking for the right indoor air quality solution for your home, our certified and experienced company offers comprehensive services. Depending on the air quality issues and health concerns you are experiencing, we can recommend the proper course of action. We offer indoor air quality inspections, assessments, and a wide range of products to meet your needs.

Our technicians wear the Tech Seal of Safety, are drug-tested and highly trained. Our repair services are backed with a Two-Year Warranty.

  • Air Filtration Upgrades
  • Air Purification Systems
  • Duct Cleaning & Sealing
  • HVAC Maintenance & Repair
  • Ventilation Repair & Replacement

We provide:

  • Clean Air Defense Systems
  • Whole-Home Humidification & Dehumidification Systems
  • Air Cleaners & Purification Systems
  • Upgraded Air Filtration
  • UV Germicidal Air Irradiation

For more information about indoor air quality, UV germicidal irradiation, whole-home humidification, air ducts or anything else HVAC, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable team at Lang 72 Degrees! We’ve been providing top tier heating and cooling services to the residents of South Carolina’s Lowcountry and Coastal Empire since 1976. Let us show you what 5-star HVAC care looks like!

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