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Heat Pumps


Hilton Head Heat Pump Services

If you’re experiencing any issues with your cooling equipment, call Lang 72 Degrees for Same Day Service. We offer heat pump installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services to South Carolina’s Lowcountry and Coastal Empire. Located in Hilton Head, this family-owned company is dedicated to our community and to HVAC.

Are you seeking repair for an existing cooling system or considering heat pump installation? A heat pump can be an alternative to your air conditioner. Although the word “heat” in the name may confuse consumers, a heat pump is used for both heating and cooling. Heat pumps are energy-efficient and depending on your home’s layout, provide equivalent and cost-effective cooling.

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Signs your heat pump needs some help:

Age – Beyond ten years in age, heat pump replacement may soon become necessary. Parts begin to wear and operating costs begin to rise. Even with maintenance, problems will persist without system replacement.

Repair frequency – If you’re calling an HVAC technician to your home more than twice a year for heat pump related repairs, there is a deeper issue. A heat pump expert from Lang 72 Degrees will diagnose any ailment and recommend necessary repair or replacement services.

Inefficiency – As a heat pump ages, it will have a harder time producing the same results. Worn out parts are going to take longer to accomplish the same level of cooling as a newly installed heat pump. Hot/cold spots may also accompany an inefficient heat pump.

Rising energy bills – Inefficiency is costly. If your heat pump has to run longer and longer to achieve a desired temperature, more energy is being used in the process. Cut costs with professional heat pump repair and replacement by Lang 72 Degrees.


How the heat pump will perform and the lifespan of the equipment is heavily dependent on correct installation. Work with a certified contractor with a proven record of quality work. With proper installation and maintenance, Lang 72 Degrees helps you get the longest lifespan out of your investment.

Lang 72 Degrees Guarantees:

  • 24/7 service with a smile
  • Prompt and professional service, every time
  • Upfront pricing and Moneyback Guarantee
  • Our work is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Our Red Carpet Treatment ensures we enter your home with courtesy and leave it clean
  • Licensed, bonded, insured

Call Lang 72 Degrees, “When the temperature absolutely has to be just right!”: Hilton Head 843-681-6824, Beaufort 843-521-0200