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Zoned Air Systems


Zoned Air Systems in South Carolina’s Lowcountry

Contact Lang 72 Degrees for ductless heating and air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services in Hilton Head and South Carolina’s Lowcountry. If you are considering a renovation for your residential property and are looking into HVAC solutions, ductless mini-split units may be the best fit for your add-on. If you are looking to address the comfort levels of several residents or spaces in your home, creating “zones” with zoned air systems is an option with several benefits.

Benefits of Ductless (Zoned) Air Conditioning:

Homeowners find there are many benefits to a ductless HVAC system. One benefit is clear in the same: zones. Zoned Air Conditioning has the ability to create personalized temperature control for different inhabitants and different spaces within the home. When you want to only cool one specific area instead of using energy to cool empty space, zoning is the answer. You set the thermostat for the areas you prefer; a convenience not offered by a traditional central HVAC system.

With this flexibility and control, you will see energy savings. You will no longer be paying for the cost of cooling uninhabited square footage. It’s more energy conscious to only use what you need where you need it most.

Energy savings isn’t the only savings you’ll be looking forward to. With ductless mini-split zoning systems, something costly will be missing: ducts. Traditional units containing ducts will need more repair and maintenance in the long run, including duct sealing. There may be a higher upfront cost to zoned air conditioning, but the installation itself is cost-effective. Multiple ductless units offer homeowners a new way of understanding and consuming air conditioning.

Zoning – flexibility to individualize climate and cool specific “zones”

No ducts – lower future repair and maintenance costs with ductless cooling solutions

Easy installation – although there are multiple units, the installation process is simpler than with a traditional central HVAC system>

Modern design – much smaller than the bulky cooling units we’re used to, zoned air systems are space conscious and stylishly compact.

Higher Indoor Air Quality – Without a duct system, there is much less buildup of dust and debris. What gets stuck in the ducts gets re-circulated by your air conditioner. Breathe in less airborne contaminants with zoned cooling.

Is it right for you?

As zoned air system technology becomes more familiar to people it becomes more popular. Hire an HVAC company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to ductless mini-split installation. Work with Lang 72 Degrees to map out the proper placement and zoning strategy for your home. We’ll determine whether or not ductless air conditioning would be the most cost and energy efficient for your needs.

Our professional staff can walk you through the entire process, from cost to installation to maintenance. Open all hours of the day and night, Lang 72 Degrees is dedicated to ductless air conditioning and any of your other HVAC repair or replacement requests.

Call Lang 72 Degrees, “When the temperature absolutely has to be just right!”: Hilton Head 843-681-6824, Beaufort 843-521-0200