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Thermostats by Lang 72 Degrees

Thermostats are the control hubs for your home’s comfort. If you’re experiencing any issues with your air conditioning, look to your thermostat first. The thermostat might be broken, or it may have been improperly installed to begin with. Installation is so important to the long-term performance of any cooling system. A run down thermostat will run down your system, incurring problems including frozen coils and compressor, frequent cycling, and inconsistent temperature control.

For thermostat installation and repair in South Carolina’s Lowcountry and Coastal Empire, work with the cooling professionals at Lang 72 Degrees. Keeping our local communities cool since 1976.

Signs of Needed Thermostat Repair

The A/C won’t turn on – If the system won’t turn on or is hard starting, this can be due to the state of your thermostat. We set our thermostat to regulate the temperature of a space, and when the temperature creeps above the programmed setting, cool air begins to blow to reduce the temperature. If the thermostat cannot pinpoint the temperature of your living space, then it doesn’t know when to kick in.

The A/C won’t turn off – If the system won’t turn off, your thermostat may be the culprit. Once again, if the thermostat is struggling to sense the temperature of the room, then it won’t know if the room is already cool enough. A broken thermostat may not turn off even when the room is already your desired comfort level.

Uneven temperatures – A faulty sensor leads to hot/cold spots, inadequate cooling and discomfort in the home. If you are experiencing uneven temperatures in your home, consider professional thermostat repair. A technician from Lang 72 Degrees will diagnose the underlying issue with your thermostat and repair the issue on the spot.

Automatic & Programmable Thermostats

We work with any residential thermostat, however a modern Programmable Thermostat is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient. If your home currently does not have a programmable thermostat present, consider thermostat upgrade services.

The 5 types of automatic and programmable thermostats:

  • Electromechanical thermostat
  • Digital thermostat
  • Hybrid thermostat
  • Occupancy thermostat
  • Light Sensing thermostat

For more information on choosing the best thermostat for your home and its specific temperature goals, talk to an expert at Lang 72 Degrees. We can walk you through the perks and installation process for each available thermostat.

Benefits of Thermostat Replacement

  • Cost effective – The amount of money you save is based on the temperature you set. It is recommended that in the winter you consider 68°F, and 78°F for summer. Adjust as necessary when you are in the home, but reduce or turn off the system when away. Every degree you raise or lower, depending on season, is equivalent to 2% savings on your utility bill. When it comes to central air conditioning, many homeowners follow this savings strategy.
  • Energy efficient – Is your home energy efficient? How can you even tell? A lot of this is dependent on your thermostat and in conjunction, the HVAC system. A programmable thermostat will regulate your usage, and therefore contain your waste. A more energy efficient home begins with your thermostat.
  • Climate Control – A high performance programmable thermostats will solve the issue of uneven temperatures. Maintain the perfect climate and comfort level for your home with a thermostat upgrade from Lang 72 Degrees.
  • High performance HVAC system – Optimize the airflow and performance of your HVAC system with a modern thermostat built for efficiency. A thermostat and its accompanying HVAC system go hand in hand. Before summer hits, be sure your thermostat and your A/C are communicating cordially.
  • Latest thermostat technology – There are many available options when it comes to thermostat technology. Technology options, linked to Wi-Fi or smart phones are customizable and convenient. Learn more about ever-evolving thermostat technology from Lang 72 Degrees.
  • Zoned heating and cooling – Create multiple climates that meet the needs of different comfort levels in your home with zoned heating and cooling. If this is the setup in your home, then you are working with multiple thermostats. Depending on the square footage of your home, zoned heating and cooling could be the biggest benefit of programmable thermostat installation.

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